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The British Army in World War Two Online Talk

For family and Social Historians

The personnel of the British Army served across the globe during World War Two, from Iceland to Australia, from the Falklands to East Russia. The army grew from the small peacetime force that went to war in 1939 to the huge modern force that Britain had at its disposal by the latter stages of the war.

This talk explores how the army was structured and what it was like to be in the service.  The women’s forces supported the army – but in what ways and where did they serve? How was the army equipped and how did this change during the war? Why was the British Army actually more mechanised than the vaunted German army of 1940 and what did that mean to every soldier?

Find out more in this talk.

Pre-booking is required, because the event link will be sent in advance.       


Image: North Africa 1940 – No 1 Army Film & Photographic Unit, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons 

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