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Cello of the Heart - Concerts in Caversham at Caversham Baptist Church

Summer Series Concert 2024

An evening exploring the many aspects of love through the 'Romantic Cello'. A lovely programme of music from Schubert, Schumann and Brahms to Debussy's Sonata which describes the bonkers character Pierrot playing the flute to his beloved - the moon! 

 An arrangement of an aria about tragic love by Gluck, Brahms' F major Sonata - he wrote all of his piano/instrumental with piano music for his beloved - Clara Schumann and the Fantasiestucke op 73 - the turbulent and brooding pieces by Robert Schumann. Plus more quirky pieces demonstrating the soulful warmth of the cello. Naomi Watts - cello, Alison Rhind - piano

This concert will take place in the Caversham Baptist Church, Prospect St.  They have a brand new grand piano - why not take advantage of the central location and make an evening of it with a meal in one of Caversham's many eateries.

Non-alcoholic drinks will be available before the concert and during the interval.