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Advanced Tap

Monday & Wednesday evenings

Sonia offers a friendly, non-syllabus class at an intermediate/advanced level. Suitable for any age, the class centres around learning choreography to a new dance every half term. With each dance our music genre changes, offering students new and exciting tap grooves!

The focus of the class is to have fun tap dancing, rather than drilling technique and is suitable for anyone able to work at grade 5+ level.

Why tap?

Adult tap classes with Sonia Brown are centred around learning exciting choreography ranging in many different styles, providing not just a physical workout but a mental one too!

As with all dance styles, it’s very common to be in a class of mixed abilities, especially in tap. Sonia provides adaptations for you as an individual to make sure you’re challenging yourself but also, and more importantly, to ensure that no one gets left behind.
If you love to feel the beat of the music, learn a new skill and PARTY then tap dancing is for you!

When and where

Mondays, 7pm
The Abbey Senior School, Reading, RG1 5DZ

Wednesdays, 6:30pm
Spurcroft Primary School, Spurcroft Rd, Thatcham RG19 3XX