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The Perfumer’s Garden: Seasons and Sensations - A Reinterpretation of Renaissance Art.

23 May - 23 Jun, Thu-Sun 12:00-17:00

Where History's palette meets the perfumer's craft.

Step into 'The Perfumer's Garden: Seasons and Sensations', where the essence of Renaissance artistry is captured in a collection of bespoke fragrances, taking inspiration from the masterworks of Bosch, Botticelli, and Arcimboldo. Each scent is a narrative, weaving the historical with the sensory to offer a profound exploration of the era's themes and emotions through olfaction.

Following this olfactory journey, discover the visually reimagined paintings inspired by these iconic artists, crafted through a pioneering AI collaboration. While the original masterpieces inspire our collection, the exhibition presents contemporary interpretations in both scent and sight, celebrating the innovative fusion of art, technology, and fragrance.

You can find out more about this exhibition on our website.