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Look, Hear - Discover Oxford Road

Audio tour by Baker Street Productions

Listen online till March 2024

Have you ever stopped to think about the history and heritage of the streets you walk?

Have you ever considered you may one day be a part of that history? ‘Look, Hear – Discover Oxford Road’

Baker Street Productions has been working as part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone pilot project on Oxford Road 'Re-imagining the high street through your stories', in which they and two other local artists were commissioned to create exciting new art responses to the Oxford Road Stories research project, which is now available to view on the Reading Museum's website as an online exhibition.

Look, Hear

Oxford Road is undoubtedly one of the most well-known, vibrant and culturally diverse streets in the heart of Reading, but have you ever stopped to consider its history, heritage and communities. Join us as we discover Oxford Road through a series of audio bites.

All around the Pilot Zone, stretching from the IDR to the Pavilion, there is an audio tour of 12 locations. Discover the street's past, learn about its present and be intrigued about its future.

We often forget that history is always in the making. Every detail holds its own importance, every person and community their own intriguing tale and anything – anything could last forever.

So, would you like to know what will?





Where to find the story locations

There are 12 locations along the Oxford Road HSHAZ that has a different audio story each! You can follow the map and listen on the move, or save them for a cup of tea and a listen at home!

Map of QR code points

About Baker Street Productions

Baker Street Productions started in the Conservation Area for Oxford Road, on a particularly hot summer’s day during 2020’s lockdown. We were concerned about the lack of opportunities for new and emerging talent in the creative and entertainment industries. We set out to build a nurturing framework to support and develop new careers in the creative industries by producing storytelling audio plays.





This project is part of Reading's High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ), a four-year heritage regeneration programme co-led and funded by Historic England and Reading Borough Council.

The team would like to thank the residents of Oxford Road for telling us the stories which informed the audio tour, as well as the community panel that helped to support and guide the project. 

A big thank you to Reading Museum for the support, to Courtney Higgs for her designs, and to Big Noise Media for printing the posters that lead you around the tour

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