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Huntley & Palmers Audio Trail: Market Place and London Street

Listen via your smartphone from 21 June

‘No Ifs, No Buts, Only Gingernuts: A Huntley & Palmers Journey’ by Aundre Goddard and Richard Bentley

Take a journey through time and the world of biscuits with this fascinating audio trail from Market Place to London Street by Aundre Goddard and Richard Bentley. This walk brings to life the sounds and story of Huntley & Palmers, one of Britain’s most famous biscuit companies, whose first shop opened on London Street in 1822.

Listen to the stories of women who worked as tour guides in the factory. Learn about the people and processes that went into creating and distributing the biscuits worldwide, and discover how Huntley & Palmers of Reading’s London Street became a global powerhouse. From 21 June the audio trail will be available to listen online and members of the public will be able to walk the trail with their smartphone.


Huntley & Palmers: Market Place and London Street by Aundre Goddard and Richard Bentley is an audio trail commissioned by Reading Borough Council. Produced by Sound UK in association with Readipop and Berzerk Productions. It is part of the Reading High Streets Heritage Action Zones Programme, led by Historic England and Reading Borough Council.