HUMOS is a natural perfumery and aromatherapy chandler brand situated in the village of Caversham, Berkshire. Fascinated with how an individual’s sense of smell can transport them back in time, trigger a long-lost memory or affect their mood to such a degree it can change their sense of self, HUMOS make and sell beautiful things that smell amazing, such as their Blend Bar Experience and Group Workshops.

Founded in 2013 by Company Founder, Perfumer and scent designer E. Gabriel De Carvalho, HUMOS offers a range of bespoke fragrances, home fragrances and fragrance making experiences and workshops.

The Atelier & Showroom opened in Caversham in 2017 as the home of the HUMOS fragrance experiences and workshops as well as numerous ranges of handmade home fragrance pieces and  to also complement their online offering with a physical space for individuals to explore the world of fragrance.

All HUMOS products are a true labour of love, handmade at the Atelier & Showroom in Caversham by a small team of dedicated individuals who share a passion for great scents, naturally.