Reading Biscuit Factory

What is this place?

Reading Biscuit Factory is many things: a three-screen cinema, bar, coffee shop, live performance space and community hub. Our aim is to offer a fantastic and welcoming venue and create a setting where everyone can relax, work, meet and create – all under one roof.

What happens here?

Hopefully anything you like! We show films throughout the week, but we also have several events spaces for hire (including our screens), so if you would like to organise a class or workshop, rehearse, perform, deliver a presentation or celebrate a special occasion we would love to help.

We are a new venue, and we want our audience and community to shape us and what we do. If you have an idea or suggestion, please contact us. We are open to anything, from art exhibitions to improv comedy.

And you can always relax and enjoy a movie with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

What’s all this about biscuits?

It’s true, there is not much to connect biscuits and cinema, but biscuits and Reading go way back. Joseph Huntley was selling biscuits to travelers on their way to Bath or London as early as 1822, and invented the biscuit tin to help prevent breakages on the journey. His small bakery eventually grew into Huntley & Palmers, the largest employer in Reading and by 1900 the world’s largest biscuit company. Their vast factory earned Reading the nickname “Biscuit Town”.

What times are you open?

We will be open from 9:00 each day for those who want to meet over a cup of coffee. The first film screenings will usually start from around 11:00, and the last around 20:30. We will generally close at 23:30, unless there is a special event (or a very long final film!)

Full details of our film schedule can be found here: