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African Drumming Workshops with Limpopo Groove

Thursdays from 18:30, from 23 May

  • 18:30-19:15 - Under 10s
  • 19:15-20:00 - Children from 11 and adults 

Join Limpopo Groove CIC for a fun interactive drumming workshop where you'll learn about African drum and culture. No experience is needed to take part, so come along to meet new people and a new skill.

These sessions primarily involve playing the African drum (Ngoma/Ingoma) - a large goblet originating from Zimbabwe covered in goat skin and played with bare hands.

Drumming workshops aim to improve wellbeing and the benefits of playing the drums are endless, and can help with anxiety, depression, and social resilience. We believe best part of the class is getting together with others and enjoying each other's company.

Playing music transcends age, gender, and culture, and in a few moments, you're all speaking the same language through rhythm and drumming 

These sessions are inclusive to all people, toddlers, old, young, disabled and those with sensory needs.